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  • Prototyping various subsystems in our lab.
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Welcome to SpaceBooth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your picture taken in a place literally out of this world? Well, now is your chance! At the SpaceBooth labs we’re building a pico-satellite (yup, a teeny-tiny one, not much larger than your average smartphone) that will be launched into low-earth orbit later this year.

Once we’re up there, you’ll be able to send your picture (or that of your dog) to our satellite. Then, inside the satellite, your picture will be projected in front of the window overlooking the earth, the stars or maybe even some aliens. The built-in camera will then snap a shot of your picture with in the background, whatever can be seen at that moment through the satellite’s window. This fantabulous photograph of yours (or your dog) will then be sent back to earth for you to show off.

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