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Space On Demand
Experience space in a whole new way. Get instant and unlimited access to various types of personalized space footage by sending your request to our constellation of pico-satellites in orbit. Travel to space without leaving earth and share your adventures with the world. Download our infographic here. More information coming soon!

The Spaceselfie

Our first operational service is the SpaceSelfie. SpaceBooth operates a pico-satellite (not much larger than your smartphone) that is in low-earth orbit. You are able to send your picture to our satellite. Once inside the satellite, your picture will be projected in front of a window overlooking the earth, the stars or maybe even some aliens. The built-in camera will then snap a shot of your picture with the background, whatever can be seen at that moment through the satellite‚Äôs window. This fantabulous photograph of yours will then be sent back to earth for you to show off!

About Us

SpaceBooth is the premier service for your very own selfie in space. We're a young and enthusiastic startup located in Antwerp, Belgium. Founded in 2013, we strive to make space accessible to everyone.
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Your very own #SpaceSelfie is waiting. Sign up for FREE and upload your photo now.

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